Bird's Eye view of Barre Vermont 1891

Biography of Silas Ketchum

On the evening of the 19th of Nov. 1859, three young men met in a room over one of the stores in Hopkinton village, and formed themselves into an organization under the name of “The Philomathic Club.” These young men were Silas Ketchum, Darwin C. Blanchard and Geo. E. Crowell. The number of this club was limited to seven. It was made a part of the compact “the Club should never cease except by unanimous consent, and so long as two of its members lived.” The original design was social intercourse and literary culture. A private collection of relics, minerals …

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Spaulding Graded School in 1908

History of Barre, Vermont Schools

Early on, Barre had two flourishing schools — the Academy and Seminary. The residents of Barre, Vermont, seeing a need in opening a public school did so in 1887 calling it the Spaulding Graded School, and placed it on the same grounds as the then defunct Academy.

Organization of the Town of Bristol, Vermont

In the issue of the Vermont Gazette for February 14, 1789, the following notification, or warning for the first town meeting in Pocock, or Bristol, was published: “These are to warn the inhabitants of Pocock to meet at the dwelling house of Justin Allen, in said Pocock, on the first Monday of March next, at 10 o’clock A. M., to act as follows: 1st, to choose a moderator to govern said meeting; 2d, to choose a town clerk; 3d, to choose selectmen; 4th, to choose a town treasurer; 5th, to choose a constable; 6th, to do any other business thought …

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Wolcott, Lamoille County, Vermont

WOLCOTT VERMONT, located in the eastern part of the county, in lat. 44° 34′, and long. 4° 31′, bounded northeasterly by Craftsbury, southeasterly by Hardwick, southwesterly by Elmore, and northwesterly by Hyde Park, was granted by the State, November 7, 1780, and chartered to Joshua Stanton and sixty-one others, August 22, 1781, as a township of 23,040 acres. Its name was given in honor of Maj-Gen. Oliver Wolcott, one of the original proprietors. The names of the other proprietors were as follows : Joshua Stanton, John Fellows, Matthew Mead, Aaron Comstock, Samuel Middlebrooks, Isaac Lewis, Clap Raymond, Abijah Taylor, Levi …

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Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont

WATERVILLE VERMONT, an irregular outlined town lying in the northwestern part of the county, in latitude 44 33′, and longitude 4° 11′ bounded north by Belvidere, east by Belvidere and Johnson, south by Cambridge, and west by Bakersfield and Fletcher, in Franklin county, was chartered by Vermont to James Whitelaw, James Savage, and William Coit, Oct. 26, 1788, by the name of Coit’s Gore, with an area of 10,000 acres. On October z6, 1799, a part of this Gore was annexed to Bakersfield, and again, November 15, 1824, an act was passed by the legislature, “forming a new town out …

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Lamoille County, Vermont and the War of 1812

The yoke of the mother country having been thrown off, the American colonies rapidly advanced in progress. Vermont expanded into a free and independent State, and was finally annexed to the Union, March 4, 1791. In the mean time, the French nation, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, had arrived at the zenith of military glory, and was giving England great cause for fear and trembling. England, in turn, seeming to forget that her American offspring had arrived at maturity, and was able to protect its own institutions, continued her acts of tyranny. Looking upon herself as mistress of the ocean, during …

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Vital Records of Lamoille County, Vermont

Vital records in Vermont are maintained by the Department of Buildings and General Services in Montpelier. There are very few resources available online for free that can assist you with your Vermont vital records. I suggest the following alternative options and databases to secure additional information before sending in for records: Lamoille County Birth Records Lamoille County Marriage Records   Lamoille County Divorce Records I am not aware of any public database or index for divorce records of Lamoille County. You will have to have the necessary information before sending away for the record. Lamoille County Death Records As with …

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Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont

STOWE VERMONT is situated in the southern part of the county, in lat. 44° 28′, and long. 4° 20,’ bounded northeasterly by Morristown, southeasterly by Worcester, southwesterly by Waterbury, and northwesterly by Cambridge and Underhill. The town originally contained an area of 23,040 acres, chartered by Benning Wentworth, governor of New Hampshire, June 8, 1763, to Joshua Simmons and sixty-three associates, in seventy shares. It was named after a town in England, and originally spelled S-t-o-w, the a having been annexed during the last forty years. In 1848, the legislature passed an act annexing to its territory the town of …

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