Vital Records of Lamoille County, Vermont

Vital records in Vermont are maintained by the Department of Buildings and General Services in Montpelier. Lamoille County, Vermont, like other counties in Vermont had its vital records recorded at the local level up until 1924 when the state began to receive a copy of these records. Vermont Vital Records, 1760-1954This free database of Vermont vital records contains over 72,000 records for Lamoille County, Vermont. You should start your search here. If the records indexed so far do not produce the desired result then try a more in depth search by accessing the records of each town that have not […]

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Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans counties, Vt title page

Lamoille County Vermont Courts

The act of the legislature incorporating the county provided that when some town should erect a suitable court-house and jail, the county should be deemed organized. This of course gave rise to much competition, as each town would naturally wish to secure to itself. the advantages and dignity appertaining to the county seat. . The lower portion of the county considered it the most advantageous to have Johnson made the shire town, while the northern portion wished to have it vested in Morristown. Finally the mooted question was left for a committee to settle, and Joshua Sawyer, a member of

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