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Welcome to our Lamoille County genealogy website. The purpose of this site is to provide genealogists with an accurate historical view of Lamoille County, Vermont. While we provide, or link to, an extensive collection of biographies, cemetery transcriptions, census extractions, census images, directories, historical sketches, military records, and vital records for Lamoille County; the intent of our website is in providing a glimpse of Lamoille, it’s history, and the people who lived in and helped create it.

Quick facts

  • Lamoille was formed from three existing counties in 1835: Washington, Orleans, and Franklin. Early records for some towns in Lamoille will therefore exist within those county records.
  • Probate records are available for this county from 1837 to the present.
  • Land records were recorded and kept by the townships.

Though it is not the purpose of this work to enter minutely into the history of the territory of which it treats, it still becomes necessary to invite the reader among the cobwebs of time, and to retrace with him some of the half-hidden paths that lead back adown the misty vale of centuries, to the days when the grand old Green Mountains towered above an unexplored wilderness, to the time when the majestic forests of the present proud State of Vermont echoed only the voices of nature, when its beauty-teeming lakes and charming streams reflected from their bosoms only the bark canoe of the wily Indian. En-route we purpose to enquire into the causes that brought the great commonwealth into existence, and to briefly notice its progress from the first settlement of its territory by civilized people, to the time of its admission as a member of the Federal Union. One of its fourteen grand divisions we purpose to more particularly notice, viz.: Lamoille county.  Here we shall endeavor to trace in outline the lives of a few of its hardy pioneers, enquire into its early proceedings, trace the erection of each one of the townships therein, and to hand down to future generations the name and occupation of each of their  residents in 1883-1884.

Genealogy Records of Lamoille County, Vermont

The Early History of Vermont

History of Lamoille County, Vermont

Military History of Lamoille County, Vermont

Township Histories of Lamoille County, Vermont

These township histories include many references to early settlers in each township.

1 thought on “Lamoille County, Vermont Genealogy”

  1. Hello,
    I live on the west coast and I’m doing some family genealogy research and trying to find some records from the Peacham OR Danville, Orange (now Caledonia) County, VT. area. Specifically, a birth record or any other record that shows who Lucretia Senter’s parents were. All online genealogy sites that I know of and all family tree’s I’ve seen have David Senter and Susanna “Susan” Chamberlain as her parents and that she was born in Vermont*. However, none of them have a source of any kind attached to them.
    The 1850 Census states her birthplace was New Hampshire:
    As does the 1860 Census:

    *As a potential side note, I’ve read that for Vermont births between about 1777 (state of VT is founded as an independent state) and 1791 (when it became a U.S. state), records may state New York or New Hampshire (perhaps that’s the reason the census state N.H.?) because of those states claims on various counties in Vermont prior to 1791.

    The individuals involved are:

    Father (alleged)
    David Senter (son of Lt. Col. Joseph Senter of N.H. and Elizabeth E Johnson of MA)
    b. Circa 1750 Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    m. Susanna “Susan” Chamberlain, circa 1771 Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    d. Nov 9 1819 Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont

    Mother (alleged)
    Susanna “Susan” Chamberlain (daughter of Lt. Ebenezer Chamberlain of N.H. and Lucretia Rogers of N.H.)
    b. Oct 30 1752 Pepperell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    m. David Senter, circa 1771 Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    d. Unknown.

    Lucretia Weeks (born Senter, allegedly daughter of David and Susan Senter)
    b. Feb 23 1779 Grafton County, N.H., probably Plymouth as that’s where most of her siblings were born. (NOTE: It’s possible she was born near Peacham OR Danville, Orange (now Caledonia) County, VT per the unsourced family tree sites).
    m. William Dyer Weekes on Nov 3 1799 Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont
    d. Dec 7 1871 Westfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

    Husband (confirmed)
    William Dyer Weeks (also spelled Weekes, Weaks)
    b. July 15 1767 Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York
    m. Lucretia Senter on Nov 3 1799 Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont
    d. Mar 25 1850 Westfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

    The records I have so far are:
    1. New England families, genealogical and memorial. Vol 4, 1914 edition, pg 2140 by William Cutter. which states:
    “(V) David Senter, son of Colonel Joseph Senter, was born. at Dunstable, in 1750, and removed to Moultonborough, now Center Harbor, with his parents. From 1780 to 1792 he lived at Plymouth. He settled at Danville, Vermont, where he was one of the pioneers, and died there in November, 1819. He married Susan Chamberlain, who was baptized at Rochester, New Hampshire, July 15, 1753, daughter of Ebenezer Chamberlain, who was a lieutenant in Captain Edward Everett’s company, Colonel Bedel’s regiment, in 1776, in the revolutionary war. Children of David and Susan Senter: Dearborn Bean, mentioned below; David ; Darius; Ebenezer; Zaccheus; Susan and Sally. ”
    2. Lucretia’s Vermont Marriage Index Card (which does not list her parents)

    3. A copy of her actual marriage record to William Weeks in the town of Danville, VT. It does not list the parents, only William and Lucretia’s names and that he was from Peacham and she was from Danville.

    Supposedly, William Cutter (item #1 above) is known for not listing all children in a family, so that he might have left off Lucretia (if she is in fact David and Susanna’s daughter) wouldn’t be surprising.

    So to confirm, what I’m looking for is Lucretia Senter’s birth record (presumably in Orange (now Caledonia) County, VT) OR any other type of records such as area/local books, probate or land records or other sources that indicate who her father and mother were.
    I’m looking to purchase any copies related to this inquiry.
    A reply to this comment should notify me by email.

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