Ferrisburgh Vermont Military History

The part that the town took in the Revolutionary War can scarcely be told or understood, because the population at that time was very sparse, and nearly all the inhabitants fled on the prospected approach of the enemy. Many of the settlers undoubtedly enlisted and bore an active part in the struggle for independence.

The War of 1812 came upon the country at a time when the Champlain valley had become more thickly peopled, when homes had been built up which their founders were determined to defend at the risk, if necessary, of their lives. The inhabitants of Ferrisburgh, and all the towns in the valley, poured out in bodies when the signals were given for the battle of Plattsburgh. But the test of the patriotism and spirit of abnegation was reserved for the War of 1861-65. Then were aroused the energies of a peace-loving people to meet the exigencies of the most terrible war of modern times. The following men were enlisted in Vermont regiments in the support of the Union during that fearful struggle.

Volunteers for three years not credited previous to call for 300,000 volunteers of October 17, 1863:

L. J. Allen, I. B. Austin, B. Bailey, W. A. Baldwin, J. Baldwin, P. B. Ball, L. Brooks, J. O. Carpenter, H. R. Chase, C. S. Curtis, J. Farrill, E. W. Gale, C. F. Hall, G. Harrington, L. L. Harrington, S. Hazard, W. B. Hazard, C. H. Higgins, J. J. Horan, L. Hurlbut, C. B. Kent, W. M. Martin, J. W. Mignault, S. Morse, F. Pecu, J. Pecu, W. Pecu, H. A. Phelps, A. Ploof, G. W. Porter, jr., H. H. Porter, jr., L. Porter, jr., S. H. Porter, A. Sorrell, H. M. Sorrell, C. Stone, P. M. Thompson, J. A. Taggart, G. F. Williams, G. B. Worcester.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, for 300,000 volunteers, and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.–A. M. Ball, L. S. Beach, J. Devine, S. W. Diggles, J. Duprey, J. Farrell, A. N. Freeman, J. Galvin, J. Garrow, G. Harrington, J. Leguire, C. Lamay, L. W. Langley, N. C. Langley, F. Larrow, L. S. Mallory, E. H. O’Neil, W. H. Palmer, F. A. Peck, C. Porter, R. N. Preston, H. Sears, J. W. Sears, J. Sinnow, J. Sorrell, G. Stanlew, N. Stinehowe, J. Stone.

Volunteers for one year.–J. J. Bartley, W. J. Conant, P. Cunningham, H. Curler, jr., L. D. Curler, I. F. Hatch, F. A. Joslin, M. McKeogh, F. M. Moulton, W. Pecu, S. Preston.

Volunteers re-enlisted.–L. J. Allen, D. Clark, S. B. Flanders, A. Sorrell.

Enrolled men who furnished substitute.–B. F. Field, A. W. Meade.

Not credited by name.–Two men.

Volunteers for nine months.–T. Agin, O. W. Allen, H. B. Allen, F. Armel, C. E. Baldwin, H. J. Ball, J. Butler, W. Caxton, S. Diggles, J. Gregory, C. H. Hitchcock, W. M. Kellogg, W. S. Labore, T. C. Middlebrook, F. M. Moulton, A. Peck, E. Pecue, H. Perry, D. E. Rollin, S. M. Southard, T. Tambling.

Furnished under draft.–Paid commutation, O. Arnold, J. S. Benedict, H. Hawkins, R. W. Hazard, H. Martin, G. G. Robinson, R. Wilkins. Procured substitute, A. Collins, A. W. Conkrite, D. E. Field, J. Field.


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