Goshen Vermont Church History

The Methodist Episcopal Church, located in the southwestern part of the town, was organized in 1818, with seven members, Rev. Nathaniel Alden being their first pastor. Rev. L. O. Hathaway is their present pastor, with a very sparse membership. The first house of worship was erected in 1831, giving place to the present structure in 1848. The building, which cost $1,000, will accommodate one hundred and fifty persons, and is now valued, including grounds, at $1,500.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church, also located in the southwest part of the town, was organized by Martin Allen in 1848, Rev. Robert H. Ross first pastor. The church building was erected in 1851, with seating capacity for one hundred and fifty persons, at a cost of $500, about its present value. The society has, at present, eight regular members, with Rev. Winfield Hathaway, brother to the pastor of the M. E. Church, in charge of the pastorate.








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