1950 Huntington Vermont Annual Report

This is the 1950 annual report for the town of Huntington, Vermont. This report includes the Selectmen’s Orders. These are orders to the town treasurer to pay for a particular service rendered to the town. Often these services were provided by townspeople, and they are named. This report contains the Road Commissioner’s Reports which like the Selectmen’s order can contain payments for road and bridge work performed by individuals and businesses. The next section is the report of Overseer of the Poor. This report shows not only who took care of the poor of the town, but who they took care of. The School Directors’ Report includes information about payments to teachers, janitors, and individuals for housing students as well as for other services offered, such as providing wood.

This volume contains the births, marriages, and deaths in Huntington, Vermont, that occurred the previous year.

Beyond serving as a resource for tracing your family history, a town report offers a valuable snapshot of social history over a one-year period. It can provide substantial insights for genealogists, even when direct ancestors are not mentioned. Relatives or neighbors may be documented, and the report offers a unique window into the societal dynamics of the town you or your ancestor were a part of.


Town of Huntington, Vermont; Annual Report Huntington, Vermont, for the Year Ending January 31, 1950; Bristol, VT: Bristol Herald Printers

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