Lamoille County Vermont Cemeteries

Unfortunately, there are limited sources available for online cemeteries for Lamoille County. If we’ve linked to a cemetery below, it means we find a transcription that is not on FindAGrave, since they never have all of the listings. We also list below for all known transcriptions online, as well as providing a list for all known cemeteries in Lamoille County, by township.

Cemetery NameTownship
Balch-Town Line CemeteryEden
Belvidere Center CemeteryJohnson
Bidwell-French Hill CemeterySterling Mountain
Blake CemeteryEden
Burroughs CemeteryHazens Notch
Center CemeteryJohnson
Center CemeteryMorrisville
Chamberlain CemeteryCold Hollow Mountains
Clark Family CemeteryJohnson
Cloverdale CemeteryWestford
Davenport CemeteryWolcott
Dodge CemeteryEden
Dodge CemeteryEden
East Cambridge CemeteryJeffersonville
Eden Corner CemeteryEden
Elmore Mountain CemeteryMorrisville
Evergreen Ledge CemeteryJohnson
Fairmont Lower CemeteryWolcott
Fairmont Upper CemeteryWolcott
Gates CemeteryGilson Mountain
Giddings CemeteryGilson Mountain
Holbrook CemeteryEden
Hooper CemeteryEden
Hopkins CemeteryMount Mansfield
Hubbell CemeteryWolcott
Hyde Park Town Cemetery Hyde Park
Jededia Hyde CemeteryMorrisville
Jeffersonville CemeteryJeffersonville
Jones CemeteryMorrisville
La Porte CemeteryMorrisville
Lake Elmore CemeteryMorrisville
Lakeview CemeteryMorrisville
Lamoille View CemeteryJohnson
Loveland CemeteryJohnson
Luce Hill North CemeteryStowe
Luce Hill South CemeteryStowe
Mountain View CemeterySterling Mountain
Mountain View CemeteryJeffersonville
North Cambridge CemeteryJeffersonville
North Hyde Park CemeteryEden
Old Catholic CemeterySterling Mountain
Page Burial PlotJeffersonville
Pierce CemeteryWolcott
Plains CemeteryMorrisville
Plains Road CemeteryJeffersonville
Plains-Green Lawn CemeteryMorrisville
Pleasant View CemeteryMorrisville
Plot CemeteryJohnson
Randolph-Herrick CemeteryMorrisville
Riverbank CemeteryStowe
Riverbank CemeteryMorrisville
River Road CemeteryJeffersonville
Route 108 CemeteryStowe
Saint Teresa CemeteryMorrisville
Smilie CemeteryJeffersonville
South Cambridge CemeteryMount Mansfield
Sterling CemeterySterling Mountain
Sterling CemeterySterling Mountain
Taylor CemeteryWolcott
Trapp Family CemeteryStowe
Village CemeteryMorrisville
Village Center CemeteryStowe
West Branch CemeteryStowe
West Hill CemeteryWolcott
Wheeler CemeteryMorrisville
Whitting Hill CemeteryJohnson
Wood CemeteryJeffersonville


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