Morrisville, a post village located in the northern part of the town on the Lamoille river, and also a station on the St. J. & L. C. R. R., which crosses the northern part of the Morristown township.

Vital Records of Lamoille County, Vermont

Vital records in Vermont are maintained by the Department of Buildings and General Services in Montpelier. Lamoille County, Vermont, like other counties in Vermont had its vital records recorded at the local level up until 1924 when the state began to receive a copy of these records. Vermont Vital Records, 1760-1954This free database of Vermont vital records contains over 72,000 records for Lamoille County, Vermont. You should start your search here. If the records indexed so far do not produce the desired result then try a more in depth search by accessing the records of each town that have not […]

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Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont

MORRISTOWN VERMONT, an irregularly outlined town in the central part of the county, lies in latitude 44 32′, and longitude 4° 20′, bounded north easterly by Hyde Park, southeasterly by Elmore, southwesterly by Stowe, and northwesterly by Johnson and Cambridge. It was granted November 6, 1780, and chartered to Moses Morse and sixty-four associates, August 24, 1781, containing 23,040 acres, until November 14, 1855, when a portion of Sterling was annexed to its territory. Sterling was a township chartered February 25, 1782, and settlement commenced therein in 1792. The people, however, soon grew tired of a separate organization. The first

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Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans counties, Vt title page

Newspapers of Lamoille County, Vermont

During the first half of the present century, began the establishment of a newspaper in Lamoille county, an important era in the growth of any community, for it marks the sure progress of enterprise. Since that time, except two or three intervals of a short period each, the people have not been without a home paper. The Christian Luminary The Christian Luminary, the first paper established in the county, was begun at Stowe, in September, 183o, issued by “a publishing committee,” with Josiah Knight, contracting agent, and Rev. Jehiel P. Hendee, father of ex-Gov. Hendee, editor and proprietor. This was

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