Early Physicians in Berlin Vermont

Dr. Ebenezer Collins

Dr. Ebenezer Collins, who remained in town but a short time.

Dr. Gershom Heaton

Dr. Gershom Heaton, born in Swanzey, New Hampshire, 1773; removed at an early age to Hanover, New Hampshire; graduated at the medical department in Dartmouth College about 1795, and came about the same time to Berlin; but after a short practice, quit his profession, went to farming, and eventually accumulated a handsome property; died Jan. 1850, aged 77 years.

Dr. Jacob Miller

Dr. Jacob Miller, a native of Middleboro, Massachusetts; graduated at Dartmouth College in 1804; pursued his medical studies with Nathan Smith, M. D., and attended lectures at Dartmouth Medical College. His name is not found, however, in the list of graduates. He married Parthenia Dewey, of Hanover, New Hampshire, Mar. 10, 1808, (born in Hanover, Feb, 13, 1781, m. 2d, Thomas Beach, of Stratford, New Hampshire, where she died 21, Feb. 1846), and probably settled in Berlin about this time. He was regarded as a physician of uncommon promise, but fell a victim to the spotted fever then prevailing as an epidemic through the State, and died Jan. 19, 1813. He left one son, Jedediah, born in Berlin, Sept. 15, 1811; graduated M. D. at Dartmouth College in 1839, and died in New York city a few years since.

Dr. John Winslow

Dr. John Winslow was born in Pomfret, Vermont, Mar. 10, 1788; read with his uncle, Dr. Joseph Winslow, of Windsor, attending lectures at Dartmouth Medical College, and practicing with his uncle in Windsor 2 years. He settled in Berlin after the death of Dr. Miller in 1813. Dr. W. held a good rank with the practitioners of his time, being frequently called as counsel, and having an extensive practice in Berlin and other towns adjoining, until he relinquished practice, soon after the death of his first wife. He was respected as a citizen for his liberality in whatever contributed to the public weal, and as a Christian for his consistent life and support to the church and its institutions. He died July 1, 1871, aged 83 years.

Dr. Winslow was married 1st to Sarah Bishop, (born in Windsor, Dec. 17, 1791; died Apr. 7, 1835); 2d, to Keziah Heaton, (born in Hanover, New Hampshire, 1800); children, a daughter, who died before the death of his first wife, and a son, John F. Winslow, who now resides in Berlin.

Dr. Orin Smith

Dr. Orin Smith, son of Christopher Smith, born in Marlow, New Hampshire, July 27, 1807, at an early age removed with his parents to Williamstown, Vermont; when nineteen, studied medicine with Dr. Z. O. Burnham, of Williamstown, and in 1830, received the degree of M. D. in the University of Vermont. He commenced practice in Berlin, and heartily devoted himself to his profession. Nov. 1830, he was married to Julia, daughter of Abel Knapp, Esq. Of 7 children by this marriage, one son and daughter only are now, (1873), living, in Illinois.

Dr. Smith repeatedly held town offices; in 1834, ’35, ’37, ’49 was town representative, and after a successful practice of nearly 20 years in Berlin, removed to Montpelier, and in 1853, became professor of obstetrics, etc., in the University of Vermont, but removed to Chicago finally, where he held a high position as a physician. He died in Chicago, Aug. 1867, aged 60 years.


Article is based largely on the The Vermont historical gazetteer : a magazine embracing a history of each town, civil, ecclesiastical, biographical and military.
Additions, corrections, changes, and design have been made to the original source to produce this article. Those additions and changes are © 2020 by Vermont Genealogy.

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