Lamoille County

Early Exploration of Vermont

It has been aptly said, that “that country is the happiest which furnishes fewest materials for history;” yet, if rightly considered, the duty of the historian will be found not limited to the narration of the dramatic events of war, but equally applicable to the arts of peace, and that the true heroes of mankind are those who have manfully encountered and overcome the difficulties which might have hindered them from arriving at honorable ends by honest means. Viewed in this light, the pioneer who has subdued the wilderness of nature, and surrounded his home with the luxuries of a […]

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Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans counties, Vt title page

Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont

ELMORE VERMONT, located in the southeastern part of the county, in lat. 44° 29′, and long. 4° 29′, is bounded northeasterly by Wolcott, southeasterly by Woodbury, southwesterly by Worcester, and northwesterly by Morristown, thus lying seventeen miles north from Montpelier, and thirty-three east from Burlington. The township contains an area of 23,040 acres, granted by the State to Samuel Elmore, from whom it derived its name, and sixty-four others, November 7, 1780, though the charter was not issued until August 21, 1781. The surface of the town is somewhat uneven and broken, especially in the western part, where the territory

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Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont

EDEN VERMONT, a lumbering town located in the northern part of the county, in lat. 44° 22′, and long. 4° 25′, bounded north by Lowell, in Orleans county, and Montgomery, in Franklin county, east by Craftsbury, in Orleans county, south by Hyde Park and Johnson, and west by Belvidere, was granted November 7, 1780, and chartered August 28, 1781, the charter deed reading as follows: “The Governor, Council, and General Assembly of the Freemen of the State of Vermont: To all people to whom these presents shall come, Greeting : Know ye, that whereas Col. Seth Warner and his associates,

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Directories of Lamoille County, Vermont

The following are the known directories existing online for Lamoille County. 1883 – 1884 Lamoille County Vermont Directory Belvidere, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Hyde Park, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Johnson, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Stowe, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Wolcott, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory Directories are primarily useful for locating people in a particular place and time. They can tell you generally where an ancestor lived and give an exact location for census years. They

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Lamoille County, Vermont and the Civil War

For a period of many years subsequent to the war of 1812, peace brooded over the green hills and fertile valleys of Vermont. Youths had grown to manhood and old age; the gray-haired grandsire, as he trotted the children upon his knee, rehearsed to them the stories they loved best to hear-tales of the deeds of the brave McDonough, and of ” Old Ethan ” at Ticonderoga. Prosperity asserted itself in the hum of busy machinery, telling of the increase of manufacturing interests, in the silver threads that were branching in all directions, proclaiming the route of the “iron horse”

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Lamoille County Vermont Census Records

Since Lamoille County, Vermont was not formed until 1835, there exists open census records for only those decades after 1835 and until 1930. However, census for the townships within Lamoille can be found prior to 1840 (1800-1830) in Washington, Orleans, and Franklin counties.  We provide links to the only existing free online census index for 1800-1860 for Lamoille County towns and townships, which is hosted at AccessGenealogy, the home for free genealogy. The entire United States 1880 census can be found transcribed at FamilySearch and is linked to below as well. Beneath the index listings we also provide links to

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Lamoille County Vermont Cemeteries

Unfortunately, there are limited sources available for online cemeteries for Lamoille County. If we’ve linked to a cemetery below, it means we find a transcription that is not on FindAGrave, since they never have all of the listings. We also list below for all known transcriptions online, as well as providing a list for all known cemeteries in Lamoille County, by township. Cemetery Name Township Balch-Town Line Cemetery Eden Belvidere Center Cemetery Johnson Bidwell-French Hill Cemetery Sterling Mountain Blake Cemetery Eden Burroughs Cemetery Hazens Notch Center Cemetery Johnson Center Cemetery Morrisville Chamberlain Cemetery Cold Hollow Mountains Clark Family Cemetery Johnson

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The Bells of Deerfield and Caughnawaga

During this period of rapine, the early settlers of Vermont, few though they were, were constantly exposed to the depredations of the Indians, for the frontiers of both New England and Canada were one continued scene of massacre and devastation. The most memorable of these massacres was the sacking of Deerfield, Mass., in 1704. A party of about 300 Indians under De Rauville, set out from Canada, against this ill-fated place, in the dead of winter. They proceeded up lake Champlain, to the mouth of the Winooski river, and following up that stream, they passed over to the Connecticut river.

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Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont

CAMBRIDGE VERMONT, located in the the extreme western part of the county, in latitude 44° 38′, and longitude 4° 7′, bounded north by Fletcher, in Franklin county, and Waterville, east by Johnson, Morristown and Stowe, south by Underhill, and west by Underhill and Fletcher, was granted Nov. 7, 1780, and chartered August 13, 178r, to Samuel Robinson, John Fassett, Jr., Jonathan Fassett, and sixty-four others. The town originally contained 23,533 acres, but two miles from the western part of Sterling were annexed to its area, Oct. 30, 1828, and again, November 1, 1841, all that portion of Fletcher which lay

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Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans counties, Vt title page

Biographies of Lamoille County

The following biographies are contained at Access Genealogy and linked here for your usage.. Adams, Asa Adams, Ezra Nathan Adams, Nathan Alger, Benjamin Alger, Reuben Allen, Isaac Andrews, Asa Andrews, Joseph Jr. Andrus, Luther Andrus, Merrill Atkins, Hiram S. Atwell, Nathan Atwell, William C. Austin, John Bacon, V. N. Bailey, George W. Bailey, J. C. Bailey, Joseph C. Baker, Sewell Balch, Solomon Barnes, Ebenezer Barnes, Samuel Barrows, Jonathan Bassett, Massa Bates, Jacob Bennett, Joseph Benson, Joseph Benson, Joseph, Jr. Bentley, Elisha Bigelow, Newell Bingham, Jebediah Bingham, Luther Blaisdell, Daniel Blaisdell, Samuel Boardman, Orias Brewster, Jonah Bridge, Jonathan Brown, Curtis Brown,

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