Berlin Vermont in the Early Wars

Berlin Roll of Honor for 1814

Names of men that went to Plattsburgh.

Jacob Flanders, Zelotus Scott, Samuel Hubbard, Stephen Wright, Mr. Tiliston, Ensign, Jeremiah Culver, Jeremiah Goodhue, Josiah Benjamin, Ebenezer Bailey, Samuel Currier, Abraham Townsend, Cyrus Johnson, Captain, Roger Buckley, Ord. Sergt., James Perley, Capt. Taylor, Eliada Brown, James Smith, Richard Smith, Alanson Wright, John Stewart, 1st Lieut., E. M. Dole, Samuel Perley, Moses H. Sawyer, Asa Dodge.

Berlin Volunteers in the Civil War

Samuel P. Atwood, Charles Bailey, Joel O. Bailey, William R. Bean, Peter Bressette, Chester Brown, Eliphalet E. Bryant, Charles N. Cilley, James M. D. Cilley, Benjamin F. Clark. Smith Clark, John B. Crandall, Richard B. Crandall, Jessie D. Cummings, John P. Davenport, Lorenzo Dow, William H. Dow. Wm. S. George, Charles B. Green, Lucius D. Hadlock, Charles Hanan, Ira L. Hanan, Charles C. Hartwell, Stillman A. Hatch, George S. Hayden, Obadiah W. Hill, John F. Huse, Henry F. Johnson, Nathan C. Kibbey, Josiah Lathrop, George Lawrence, Leonard Lawrence, William LeRock, Cornelius Nye, John F. Phelps, James F. Randall, Alfred M. Reed, Andrew J. Reed, Carlos H. Rich, Harlon P. Sargent, Carlisle Saunders, Joseph Slattery, Charles Smith, Franklin I. Southwick, Stephen G. Stewart, Daniel H. Stickney, Horace M. Stickney, Wm. O. Stickney, Edward P. Stone, Joshua Wade, John Burke, Jesse Cayhue, Albert Darling, Andrew J. Davis, Francis Emerson, Bartholomew Fenton, Frederick Gale, Calvin W. Greenleaf, John C. Hackett, Paschal Hatch, Simeon Hatch, Wilbur E. Henry, William O. Horton, Edso W. Howden, Charles Jandreau, Jeremiah Kelley, Franklin Labarron, John McCarty, Chas. McGlaflin, Francis Minor, Chas. D. Naylor, Chas. W. Nichols, Wm. B. Perrin, George Shattuck, David K. Stone, John W. Taylor, Henry C. Varnum, Alfred Whitney, Lucius J. Goodwin, Aaron Rowell, William Yatta, Samuel W. Andrus, Alson H. Braley, Don B. Cilley, Peter Gravelin, Elijah N. Hadlock, Hubbard E. Hadlock, Timothy Hanbrooks, Wm. H. Hunt, Edwin Jones, A. M. Reed, Frank Wheelock, George S. Lawrence, Barney McCarron, John W. Parmenter, Henry E. Preston, Hiram W. Scribner. George L. Wade, Lewis Bumblebee, Lorenzo Dow, Guy M. Reed, Charles B. Green, Wm. A. Phillips, Carlos H. Rich, Eli M. Robbins, Charles Smith, Jabez Alexander, John H. Bartlett, Jedediah Carpenter, Stephen R. Colby, Elbridge G. Fisk, David Rollins.

Volunteers for Nine Months

Henry R. Austin, George C. Bailey, Merrill J. Bailey, Jerome E. Ballou, Horatio G. Beebe, S. Webster Benjamin, Wm. Blair, Winslow L Blanchard, Don B. Cilley, Clark D. Cressey, John K. Cross, Samuel Crozier, Abraham Lezer, Oliver Luciere, David A. Marble, Henry A. Miles, George S. Robinson, Gardner P. Rowell, Reuben Rowley, George Shattuck, David C. Silloway, Joseph B. Silloway, Rollin D. Stewart, Willis P. Stewart, Arthur W. Taylor, Alfred B. Thompson, William W. Willey. Drafted and served his time, Nelson W. Chase.

The remains of the 5 soldiers mentioned below repose in the Cemetery at Berlin Corner, the remaining 2 have markers there but were buried on the field of battle:

  1. Major Richard B. Crandall, of Berlin, was killed in action at Cold Harbor, Va., June 7, 1864.
  2. Richard Bailey Crandall, born in Berlin, a student in Dartmouth College one year, when he enlisted in the 6th Regiment, and went out under Col. Lord as Adjutant, was Captain of Co. K. some time. Re-enlisted and was promoted to Major. His age was 26 years 7 months.
  3. Daniel K. Stickney, a private in Co. D. 2d Reg'mt, was a prisoner in Libby prison over 6 months; from effect of treatment received while there, died April 7, 1863, age 18 y'rs, 6 mos.
  4. George Martin, son of Ira Andrews, a volunteer, private in Co. E. 17th Reg'mt was wounded in the arm which was amputated, but did not heal and caused death in Sloan Hospital, July, 1864, age 19 years 5 months.
  5. Jesse D. Cummings and Cornelius Nye, killed in action, were buried on the field.
  6. John P. Davenport enlisted early in the war of the Rebellion, and becoming enfeebled from hardship and exposure, was discharged, came home, and died April, 1863, age 23.

Tell my friends the story
When I sleep beneath the sod,
That I died to save my country,
All from love for it and God.


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