Lamoille County Vermont Courts

The act of the legislature incorporating the county provided that when some town should erect a suitable court-house and jail, the county should be deemed organized. This of course gave rise to much competition, as each town would naturally wish to secure to itself. the advantages and dignity appertaining to the county seat. . The lower portion of the county considered it the most advantageous to have Johnson made the shire town, while the northern portion wished to have it vested in Morristown. Finally the mooted question was left for a committee to settle, and Joshua Sawyer, a member of the bar, who exerted a great influence in public matters, secured the county seat for Hyde Park, and the buildings were erected there. The town bore the expense of erecting the buildings, and the court-house was built, and the county courts held there in December, 1836, where the supreme court now meets on the third Tuesday in August, and the county court on the fourth Tuesday in April, and first Tuesday in December. The building is a wood structure, containing a convenient court-room, jury room, etc., and the county clerk’s office, and office of the probate judge. In 1875, an addition of twenty-five feet was made to the length of the building.

The first county officers were as follows: judges, Jonathan Bridges, Morristown; Joseph Waterman, Johnson; State’s attorney, O. W. Butler, Stowe; judge of probate, Daniel Dodge, Johnson; sheriff, Almerin Tinker, Morristown; bailiff, Luther H. Brown, Eden; clerk, Philo G. Camp, Hyde Park. The other chief county officers, since its organization, have been as follows:


Chief Judges


Stephen Royce1836-50
Milo L. Bennett1850-51
Asahel Peck1851-57
Asa O. Aldis1857-65
John PierpointMay term, 1862
William C. Wilson1865-70
Timothy P. Redfield1870-74
Jonathan RossDec. term, 1874
H. Henry Powers1875

Assistant Judges


Jonathan Bridge1836-38
Joseph Waterman1836-38
Isaac Pennock1838-40
Gardner Gates1838-40
David P. Noyes1840-42
Nathan H. Thomas1840-42
John Warner1842-44
Calvin Burnett1842-44
Nathaniel Jones1844-46
Moses Fisk1844-46
Vernon V. Waterman1846-48
Alpheus Morse1846-48
John West1848-49
John C. Bryant1848-49
Henry Stobwell1849-51
John Meigs1849-51
James M. Hotchkiss1851-53
Giles A. Barber1851-53
Nathan Foster1853-55
Samuel Pennock1853-55
Alger Jones1855-57
Eli Hinds1855-57
John C. Page1857-59
Eli N. Bennett1857-59
Samuel M. Pennock1859-61
Norman Atwood1859-61
Jerome B. Slayton1861-63
William C. Atwell1861-62
Samuel Plumley1862-64
Thaddeus Hubbell1863-65
Lyman B. Sherwin1864-66
Lyman W. Holmes1865-67
Russell S. Page1866-68
Charles S. Parker1867-69
Farwell Wetherby1868-70
Thomas Potter1869-72
Prince A. Stevens1870-72
Amasa Stevens1872-74
James T. Parish1872-74
Allen B. Smith1874-76
Albert M. Woodbury1874-76
James W. Stiles1876-78
John H. Page1876-78
Leander S. Small1878-82
Edwin H. Shattuck1878-80
Chester W. Ward1880-81
Reuben A. Savage1881
Horace Wait1882

Court Auditors


David P. Noyes 
Vernon P. Noyes 
Vernon W. Waterman1850-80

State Attorneys


Orion W. Butler1836-38
Solomon Wires1838-40
Harlow P. Smith1840-42
W. H. H. Bingham1842-44, 1849-51
Luke P. Poland1844-46
William W. White1846-48
Whitman G. Ferrin1848-49
George Wilkins1851-53
Thomas Gleed1853-55
John A. Childs1855-57
George W. Hendee1857-59
Reuben C. Benton1859-61
H. Henry Powers1861-63
Philip K. Gleed*1863-65
Richard F. Parker1865-67
Charles J. Lewis1867-69
Marcellus A. Bingham1869-72
Albert A. Niles1872-74
Leonard S. Thompson1874-76
Edgar W. Thorp1876-78
Volney P. Macutchan1878-80
Richard F. Parker1880-82
Philip K. Gleed1882

  *Also appointed by the assistant judges of the Lamoille county court, October 1, 1869, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Charles J. Lewis.



Almerin Tinker1836-38
Riverius Camp1838-40
Martin Armstrong1840-42
Nathaniel P. Keeler1842-44
Horace Powers1844-46
Jason Crane1846-48
George W. Bailey1848-49
Vernon W. Waterman1849-51
Samuel M Pennock1851-53
Elisha Bentley1853-54
Russell S. Page1854-55
Emory Town1855-57
Charles S. Parker1857-59
Erastus P. Fairman1859-61
Orlo Cady1861-63
John B. Seaver1863-65
David Randall1865-67
William C. Doane1867-69
George W. Doty1869-72
Norman Camp1872-74
Nason Chaffee1874-76
Lyman B. Sherwin1876-78
Jonas T. Stevens1878-80
Norris C. Raymore1880-82
Herbert C. Lanpher1882

County Clerks


Philo G. Camp *1836-48
Nathan Robinson1848
Harlow P. Smith1848-49
Edward B. Sawyer1849-51, 1853-61,1868-75
Carlos S. Noyes1851-53
Leander S. Small1861-68
W. H. Harrison Kenfield1875

* Wm. Camp died in the autumn of 1848, and Nathan Robinson succeeded him for the remainder of his term.


Child, Hamilton; Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans counties, Vt., for 1883-84; Syracuse, N.Y., H. Child, 1883.

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